Using india1ATM

Basic usage guidelines and’and don’ts of ATM. Our ATMs are safe,and user friendly. Still, is always beneficial tothese pointers in mind.
How to use the
  1. Dip your card in slot provided
  2. Select your language
  3. Enter your ATM PIN
670px-Use-an-ATM-Step-3-Version-2 670px-Use-an-ATM-Step-2-Version-2 670px-Use-an-ATM-Step-5-Version-2 670px-Use-an-ATM-Step-4
For cash withdrawal: Enter the amount youto withdraw Select whether you a receipt Collect your money your receipt (incase selected) For mini-statement: Select the account: Savings,, Credit Select mini-statement option and your receipt For checking balance: Select the account: Savings,, Credit Select whether you require receipt Check the balance on screen and collect your (incase selected)
  • Please collect your cash from the slot whenis dispensed. As per mandate there is noretraction facility at this
  • In case of cash or failed transaction, immediately your bank
  • Inform your issuing bank if you lose your
  • Shield the keypad whileyour PIN
  • Do not leave your transaction unattended. Step outwhen the transactions are
  • Do not keep yourand PIN together. Also not share your card PIN details with anyone
  • Do not write your on the reverse side the card
  • Never accept assistance from at the ATM
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